Being the initial step of Doruk Health Group’s new hospital concept, Doruk Medical Clinic has been constructed taking into account the whole details required by a hospital through its project, technological infrastructure and standards. The health complex, the foundation of which was laid in 2011, is completed in only 1 year and has been put into service.

Drawing attention through its modern style, within the facility, the details of smart buildings offering safety for life are controlled from a single point. In Doruk Medical Clinic, each department ranging from the patient waiting lounges to the examination chambers are equipped with both the hygienic conditions and the comfort at the highest level.

Date of Opening: 2012
Indoor Space: 8.000 m2
Newborn Intensive Care: 29 units
Intensive Care: 36 units
Bed Capacity: 100
Suite Rooms: 2
Number of Surgery Rooms: 5
Number of Specialist Physicians: 46
Parking Lot Capacity: 200 vehicles
Daily Polyclinics Capacity: 1000


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