Time offered us the “best present”, your confidence…

Investing on the knowledge, people and technology for your health, increasing the standards have become our fundamental values.
In 1998, Doruk Health Group was established under the leadership of a few idealist, pioneering doctor devoted their lives to their profession…

Being the first ring of the chain and launching the branding process in health services, Doruk Medical Center had started out through the modest facilities looking from today’s aspect. The health services process that began in only 600 m2 indoor space with 19 doctors, grew consistently in time. Focused on expertise and technology, always prioritizing the public health, Doruk’s vision gained the approval and confidence of Bursa in a very short period of time.

Doruk Health Group, has taken Private Bursa Hospital which is the very first private hospital in Bursa, under its health group roof in year 2006. Being reconstructed through its all facilities, Doruk Private Bursa Hospital, has entered among the most favored health institutions of the town particularly its gynecology and obstetrics clinics and pediatric units.

In June 2012, the very first step of the new hospital concept of the health group, Doruk Yıldırım Hospital was put into service. Today, in Doruk Health Group some 100 doctors, 250 assistant medical staff and 600 employees in various departments are being employed. The service challenge that started on 600 m2 14 years ago, now reached 20.000 m2. Through its nearly 200 beds capacity, Doruk Health Group has became a health group where polyclinic service is being offered to approximately 1000 patients daily and small, medium and large scale surgery operations are being offered to 100 people each day.

Projected to be completed soon, Doruk Nilüfer Hospital will maintain the growth and development process.


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